Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jason and Matt

Part 1

As they approached the house, Matt had to remind himself he’d agreed to this. He didn't want to give up on the first real relationship he’d ever had, so he was going to branch out and try some of these things Liam was into. He just hoped he could get his dick hard long enough to get it over with.
Inside, they were greeted by a nice enough looking guy with cropped brown hair and green eyes. “Paul,” Liam leaned in and the two kissed each other on the cheek, leaving Matt feeling like his blood had turned to fire.
“Glad you two could make it,” Paul said as he led them down a hallway and into a living room where the festivities had already begun. A handful of guys sat around the room, lounging on a white couch and chair, all naked, erections in hand. In the middle of the room sat a matching ottoman with a long, dark haired man kneeling on top of it, two guys on either end. The first had his hands wrapped around the guys waist as he poisoned his hips, the second was prying the man’s mouth open with his middle fingers, cock sliding in and out of his lips.
“Oh, this guy again?” Liam smiled, eyeing their entertainment for the evening. 
“Yeah, Jason.” Paul tilted his head, watching the show. “Some of the guys requested him.”
Matt didn't want to hear their friendly banter anymore, it just enraged him. He went to stand next to the couch, eyeing the side table that held a basket of assorted condoms and bottles of lube.
“You gonna strip, guy?” The man sitting nearest him asked, taking his eyes off the show long enough to size Matt up.
With a non-coherent grumble, Matt unbuttoned his jeans, kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt. Standing naked, he took his soft cock in hand and watched as a new guy approached. Jason was flipped onto his back and taken by another man. When the guy getting blown decided he was done, Matt caught sight of Jason's eyes again.
They were a rich hazel, like two chips of amber. The guy looked…numb. His soft cock lay flat against his stomach, bouncing around with each thrust of the guy currently fucking him. Jason’s mouth fell open and he accepted the cock being pressed into his mouth, though he didn't seem particularly enthusiastic.
“Hot, isn’t he?” Liam asked. He’d lost his clothes at some point and he stood there watching, fully erect. “He’s amazing at deep throating; he could probably take your entire length.”
“Great,” Matt muttered. He then realized he’d already decided he wanted to fuck this guy, and that surprised him. His original plan had been to just rub one out over whoever and get through this as quickly as possible. But he felt drawn to this man, wanting to grasp his slim hips and slide inside of him.
“Want to go together?” Liam asked. Matt noticed the two guys taking their turns were finishing up, so he nodded, digging a condom out of the basket. Liam gave him an odd look when he went to stand next to the guy pounding into Jason’s ass, but just gave a small shrug and tagged out the guy being blown.
“All yours buddy,” the guy huffed, stepping aside and leaving Jason’s gaping asshole ready for him.
He wasn’t entirely sure when his cock had hardened, but it had, giving an excited little jump as Matt flicked open the bottle of lube. He squirted some into his palm and rubbed it down his length, guiding himself to Jason’s waiting asshole. Liam had already begun, his cock sliding in and out of Jason’s mouth with a ferocity Matt feared would end in the guy having a concussion. Taking his time, he rubbed the head of his cock around Jason in small circles, pressing just the tip inside. Slowly, inch by inch, he slid forward until his pelvis hit Jason’s ass.
He took his time, leaning forward and planting his hands on either side of Jason to control his slow, deliberate strokes. After a few minutes, Liam pulled away and Matt brushed off the guy wanting to replace him, moving his face into Jason’s line of sight, blocking his mouth from the other men. Jason’s eyes met his for a half a second before closing, and Matt moved one hand to cup Jason’s cheek, brushing his thumb across his plump lower lip.
“Jason,” Matt whispered softly. “Open your eyes for me? I want you to look at me when I come inside of you.” His hand moved from Jason’s cheek, down his chest and to the man’s cock, wrapping his fingers around the limp length of him. “Don’t you want to come too?” he asked softly.
”Hng....Hng...Hgnnn.” With each ever more vigorous stroke, rough grunts escaped the throat of the man, sweat beading on his features that were scrunched in an expression of lusted concentration. The man's hand was fisted in Jason's hair, tugging the knelt man closer with each harder thrust. As his climax was building, the man had become increasingly erratic in his ways, breath falling hard as he plunged himself in, harder, faster, deeper with each and every stroke, teetering so close to the edge. Tighter and tighter the man's grip grew, his need for satisfaction feverishly driving him to plunge himself forward, burying the younger man's head deep into his crotch with one last, low groan.
His place had soon been taking by another, whose middle fingers impatiently pried at Jason's lips to urge them to open, barely giving the brunette a chance to catch his breath from the previous encounter. All the while, another man behind him drove himself in with long, deep strokes. A cold, wet slick of moisture clung to Jason's hip, where the man's lubed-stained hands gripped tightly at the hipbone, using it to drive himself deeper. It was this cool, slick patch of skin that Jason was strangely aware of, a fleeting touch of reality in the man's detached mind as all else was blocked out.
Behind him, the man slumped as he came to his end, slipping away to make room for the next, no doubt. Jason knew it would not be long before the void would be filled, the next eager man to seek his release only steps away.
He was turned, laid onto his back for the next to take his turn. There was not the slightest hint of protest, or even the slightest second of resistance as Jason allowed himself to be laid out, a new man taking place between his legs. For a brief moment, Jason caught the satisfied smirk on the man's face as he angled himself against his entrance, taking the plunge with little warning. In one swift, almost savage stroke, the man lurching in completely. A slight breath escaped Jason, a move his next user instantly took advantage of to position himself against his lips, sliding his thick length down his throat. His eyes flitted through the room for a moment, though they did not quite register the men gathered all around him, eagerly awaiting their turn, or rubbing themselves to their own end, to the image of him, taking them two by two.
He did not know how many had already had their fill, how many were waiting for their second wind. He was numb, detached from the actions he had let himself be subjected to, too many times. Yet, each time, he allowed it to happen again and again, craving their desire for him, needing their need for him. To know that it was him that gave them that satisfaction, to know there was some use to him.
He could feel the hood brush over the ball of his tongue-piercing, a sensation that made the other shudder as the metal played against his sensitive flesh.  The man's fingers played over Jason's throat, the man pulling his head downwards to allow himself the best access, no doubt enjoying the visual of his member rippling through Jason's throat with each and every thrust.
He closed his eyes once more as he was thrust into by both men, each seeming to aim to meet in the middle as they worked themselves towards their own release, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh prominent in the room. The rhythmic clapping somehow reminded him of the sound of rain, hitting the window of his old bedroom window, when night time hit and the house was quiet.
Again, he was given a moment to breathe, as yet another two took place beside him. The man before him took little time at all to position himself, soon thrusting into him feverishly in harsh, forceful strokes that would have had any lesser man gagging for mercy. Yet, no sound escaped Jason's lips as he was taken, his experienced throat no longer so sensitive to invasion. Any groans or moans were stifled, silenced by the man who had taken to his mouth.
The man between his legs, however, took his time, almost hesitatingly slow to circle his member into position, gently inching himself in with a carefulness none of the others had bothered with. A carefulness that was almost futile with the way he had already been rammed into by the others before him.
Finally, after a few more rough, deep thrusts, Jason was once more granted a breather as the man stepped away from his head, the next already geared to step in place. Yet, as the new man tried to step in, he was blocked by the man between Jason's legs, leaning in to catch Jason's eye. A hand reached out, stroking past his cheek, tracing the lines of Jason's lips as he spoke, still moist from a touch of saliva.
It was not the man's request that caught Jason off guard. How many times had he been barked at to look up? How many times had his head been jerked up by his long, brown hair, for the other to look down at him with such a superior smirk as they spilled their seed inside him? He had seen that superior look so many times before as they looked down at him, calling him their dirty slut as they used his body. Yet, he would never meet their eye, instead focusing on a point somewhere a bit higher, as to try and avoid the demeaning look with them.
Yet, as his eyes flitted up, he caught the man's eyes. Clear blue eyes looked down at him, though the expression within him was not the lusty superiority he so usually encountered. He couldn't quite tear his gaze away, finding himself pulled back from his detachment by those piercing blue orbs, looking down at him so peculiarly. He could feel his breath halt for a moment, feeling the man's finger trace down his bare chest, rippling over his tight abs.
Falling even lower, his hand reached out, taking hold of Jason's neglected member, a question posed that Jason could not immediately answer as a groan escaped his lips, feeling his loins twitch in response to the man's  touch. A reply failed to form. Heat rushed through his blood, his slackened cock firming within the man's grasp. His eyes shuttered at the sensation of those fingers, folded around him in a gentle hold. A non-coherent groan escaped his lips, head lulling back slightly to teeter against the edge of the ottoman.  He forced himself to look up again, to grant the man his desire. Again, he found himself meeting the man's gaze, unable to even look away, or to direct his gaze to the man's forehead, like he would usually do. There was something about the man that simply pulled him in.
As those dark eyes met his own, Matt noticed they didn't look as empty as they'd seemed before. It brought a smile to his lips. "Hi," he breathed, unable to stop the sharp intake of breath as Jason moaned, his lower muscles tightening around Matt's cock. His head fell and he pressed his lips to Jason's throat. "Mmm..." Matt moved his lips to the man's jaw and he started thrusting again, faster than before. The tip of his cock tingled with every movement, and he worked his hand along Jason's shaft.
“Yo! Guy!” Someone stepped up, casting a shadow over Matt’s back. “Quit hogging the cum-dumpster!” A hand tangled in Jason’s long dark hair, yanking. Then Matt felt their bodies slide forward a couple inches, until Jason’s head was hanging off the ottoman and the man was able to force his cock between Jason’s lips.
Matt’s jaw clenched, his thrusts stopping as he watched that cock slide in and out of Jason’s mouth. He supposed it should have turned him on, but the way Jason accepted being manhandled and choked, the way these guys decided that doing such things was okay…it made his blood boil.
His hand shot out, palm slamming into the man’s abs and sending him stumbling back a few steps. 
“Yo! What’s your deal, guy?”
“Yeah, Matt.” He peered over at Liam, who stood there with a small frown. “What’s your deal?”
Matt ignored them, wrapping his arms around Jason to lift him. Turning, he sat on the ottoman so Jason was straddling his hips. “Are you okay?” He asked, cupping Jason’s cheek.
It was not all that long before the man leaned in to Jason, lips nipping at the skin of Jason's neck, finding a spot that made the tall, lanky man shiver as it was caressed. No longer able to look at the man now that he had buried his face so intimately against Jason's throat, with lips trailing upwards towards his jaw, Jason allowed his eyes to close once more. His head lulled back at the sensations flooding through him, as the man's hand worked his shaft in perfect timing with his own thrusts. With the end of each stroke, the man's hand would brush against the metal ball pierced through Jason's end, sending jolts of electricity through his spine.
His breath fell shallow, feeling the heat build with every deliberate movement, feeling his abdominal muscles tense with each move. For a brief, unforgettable moment, he forgot he was in a room filled with others, waiting for their turn. Reality, however, had a harsh way of getting back to him, when a hand fisted roughly in his hair as a man protested against the actions of the other man.
Pain shot through his scalp as he was dragged backward some, a hot, throbbing cock pressed and forced through his lips once more, instantly thrusting into the man with relentless purpose. Short on breath, he felt his chest protest against the intrusion, the man choking for a moment with so little time to adjust.
The man, however, reeled backwards rather quickly, shoved away by the blue-eyed man that had become so possessive. Before he even knew what was going on, he was lifted by the man into his lap, a hand gently caressing his face as the man asked him if he was ok.
He could only shrug. What else could he say? It had to have been expected, really. He had paid attention to only one. Of course the others would not accept it. Truth be told, the man had been slightly surprised two waiting cocks had not been pressed into his hands when he had been pushed on his back. After all, that had been two more opportunities for the others.
“Hey, man. What the hell?” A voice piped up, aimed towards Matt. Tension hung in the room, the newcomer having overstepped his mark. One of the larger men stepped forward, roughly tugging Jason from the man's laps, while another laid his hand upon Matt's shoulder. “Hey, dude. I think you should leave.” The man muttered. A few others nodded in agreement. Already, the man tried to escort Matt towards the room, while the others moved to circle Jason once more.
The large, burly man roughly pushed Jason over the ottoman once more, one large hand pinning the lanky brunette's hands behind his back as he pushed him facedown into the fabric. “Let me show you how a real man does it.” He grunted, positioning himself. Within a moment, he drove himself in to the balls, letting out a laugh as a pained grunt escaped Jason's lips. “That's right, you little cumdumpster.” He chuckled, pulling back slowly to ram himself in roughly once more. “Take it like the dirty little slut you are.”
Matt tried to hang on to Jason when another guy stepped up and dragged him out of his arms, but the hands on his shoulders drew him back, Liam aiding the guy pulling him away. "Hey, dude. I think you should leave."
"Maybe he's right," Liam chimed in, drawing Matt's eyes from the spectacle of Jason being thrown onto the ottoman.
"Fuck off, Liam. I'm done with you," he snarled, shaking off their hands. "And you," he stuck his finger in the other guys chest, "don't fucking touch me." Matt knew he wasn't playing well with the others, and that they weren't going to put up with it. His gaze begged the other man to start something, throw a punch and see where it got him. He looked like he just might, until Paul stepped into the middle of them.
“Carl, chill,” He said slowly, pressing his hand against the other man’s chest until he took a step back. “Liam, I think you and Matt need to leave.”
“Agreed,” Liam grasped Matt’s hand and tried to pull him away, to where their clothes lay in a pile on the floor. Matt stayed planted to the ground, watching as Jason was violated by a large hairy man, calling him a cumdumpster and a slut. He’d had enough. Wrenching his hand free of Liam’s grasp, he stepped up to the bear currently using Jason.
“You think you’re a real man?” He asked. “Let’s see what you’ve got.” And with that, Matt shoved him, sending the man stumbling backward and away from Jason’s prone body.
Matt was taller than this man by a couple inches, but the bear easily had thirty pounds on him, all muscle. So, he was probably going to get his ass kicked, even if the other guys didn’t join in. Which they probably would. He didn’t care, though. If they were busy beating on him, maybe they’d forget about Jason.
Matt punched the man across the face when he straightened, buying a few more seconds which he used to peer over his shoulder at Jason. He wished he had something smart to say, but he didn’t. Matt just met the man’s dark eyes, offered him a small, crooked smile and a wink, and then he was crashing to the floor, the burly man slamming into him like a linebacker.
By the time he hit the carpet, he had no breath in his lungs. His gasping like a fish out of water cost him as another spectator decided to join in, kicking him in the ribs. No oxygen for Matt, it seemed.
“Stop! Stop it!” Liam’s shrieking cut through the humming in Matt’s ear drums, and he tried to find Liam in the group, but the bear decided he needed payback for that punch in the jaw. As the meaty fist connected with his face, Matt saw stars, tasted blood. It had been years since he’d gotten his ass thoroughly kicked. It still sucked, big time.
As the hold on his arms was all too suddenly released, Jason collapsed forward none too gently as his balance was broken, the man behind him roughly shoved away. For a moment, he simply laid there, catching his breath, no longer disturbed by the crowd around them. It seemed any desire to jump in had been completely killed off, as the bear of a man took on the smaller man who had challenged him.
Turning his face towards the actions, seeing that brief, crooked smile and that slight wink, moments before the other retaliated. It seemed the bear had no intent of taking the insult to his manhood all too lightly, slamming the smaller man onto the ground. Within moments, another joined in to kick his defender in the ribs, while the other slammed a large fist into the man's jaw, while yet another man screamed for them to stop.
Somewhat shakingly and still a bit unstable, Jason raised himself to his full length. Surprising even himself, he grabbed the bear of a man by the shoulder, jerking the man around.
“WHAT?” The man snarled as he eyed Jason with anger still burning in his eyes. Though they were roughly the same height, Jason was almost laughably thinner and lankier than the hulking, hairy man. A finger was jabbed against his smooth, hairless chest. “Buzz off, you greedy cumguzzler.” He spoke. “You'll get to suck my cock after I'm done with this one.” He dismissed Jason.
“That's enough, Bruce.” Jason spoke; a surprised expression falling over the latter's face. Jason never spoke back. He never protested anything. He would let him do anything he'd desire, would beg for Bruce's thick cock if Bruce commanded him so. And here the man stood, refusing to back down. What the hell had gotten into the subdued man?
“Let him go.” Jason added, with a tone that didn't sound all that confident about what he was about to do. “We're all going. Party's over.” He added, finding a bit of strength there.
“What if I don't agree?” Bruce spoke, grabbing at Jason's wrist. “I say, the party's NOT over. It's only just start-”
His words were cut short at Jason's fist planted itself into the man's cheek.  “I said. We're going home.” He muttered.
Matt had let his eyes fall shut as he took every punch and kick, not putting up much of a fight as he wondered why exactly he was letting this happen. Why did he give a shit about this stranger? He ticked of the few things he knew about the guy in his head. His name was Jason. He seemed to like piercing his body, evident by the barbells in his tongue and cock, the rings in his nipples and ear. And he let himself get fucked by dozens of guys, apparently on a pretty regular basis. Great.
He needed to focus on something else, so his thoughts went back to the barbells. Matt hadn’t ever thought much of piercings before then. He knew some guys loved the feel of that little metal ball rubbing down their cocks, but he’d never cared. On Jason, though, he wanted to know what it felt like.
His daydreaming was interrupted, not by another kick to the ribs or punch to the face, but rather a complete lack of anything of the sort. Someone was talking, and it wasn’t Liam. Matt cracked one eye open, the right one hurting too much for him to even attempt it right then. He watched Jason, who stood there tall and completely gorgeous as he stood up to the bear, punching the guy in the face.
“I said, we’re going home.” His voice was melodic, soft but firm.
Come home with me, Matt wanted to beg him.
When the Bear recovered, he didn't look like he was going to let Jason’s actions go. Matt was pushing himself to his feet, to step between the two men, but Paul beat him to it. “Bruce! Carl!” So that was who’d been kicking him. “Stop, that’s enough. Jason is right; the party is over.” His eyes went to the other men in the room. “Everyone, please gather up your stuff. I’m sorry, but tonight’s festivities are ending early.” He looked to Matt. “Liam, don’t bring him here ever again.”
“I won’t.” Matt realized Liam was beside him as he was pulled to his feet. Liam’s hands ran over his body, checking for wounds, he supposed. “Oh my god, baby. Are you okay?” Liam’s concern seemed genuine, but Matt couldn't care less.
“Fuck off, Liam.” He shoved the guy off, taking a stumbling step away. His ribs felt like they’d been kicked into little pieces, and it was a chore to breathe. “I told you, I’m done with you. It’s over, so just…fuck off.” He walked away from Liam then, finally. Stopping in front of Jason, he tried to get his right eye to open but it didn't obey. Swollen shut, he supposed. He offered Jason another crooked little grin anyway. “You kinda stole my thunder,” he mumbled through bloody lips.

The moment Bruce recovered from Jason's hit -the impact of which had not been anywhere near as impressive as Jason would have wanted-, Jason knew he had screwed up. Big time. The anger that flashed into the man's eyes seemed to burn ever brighter, the assault to Bruce's pride a rather ill-advised move. Jason could see that the man wasn't going to take the punch and not retaliate. He almost looked like he wanted to murder him for making a fool out of the man.
Luckily, Paul intervened, stating that Jason was right. The party was over. A few groans sounded, none of the men all too pleased at the interruption of the evening, some sending scowls quite openly to Liam and his unwanted guest, who had hogged their entertainment so selfishly.
Bruce gave Jason one last, scorching stare before the large man turned his tail, grumbling under his breath as he moved to find his clothes. All around the house, the spirits had been dampened. The fight had effectively beaten any lust straight out of the window.
Well. Wasn't that great. Somewhat awkwardly, Jason watched as the beaten man's apparent partner helped the man up, hands moving across the naked man’s body to check for wounds. At that, Jason turned, eyes scanning the room to try and remember where his clothes had disappeared to.
Before he could move far, however, the man moved towards him, coming to a halt before him. Jason eyed the man up, seeing the way the man's eye was swollen shut, the way his body had moved. The other men sure hadn't gone easy on him.
“Sorry about that, man” Jason muttered as the man accused him of having stolen his thunder, something he assumed was a joke by the way it was offered with a slight lopsided grin. “It kind of looked more like you were getting your arse kicked.” He then added, with the slightest of shrugs and a very brief, fleeting smile that was gone before it had even completely formed. It had been more of a slight twitch of the corner of the mouth.
For a moment, he stood there awkwardly, not knowing what else to say, while around them, men were cleaning up. He had a feeling he wouldn't be invited to their parties any more. What was he supposed to do now? Sure, other offers would come along, but this night was ruined.
Without another word, he turned and moved towards the kitchen, where he grabbed a towel, emptying a jug of icewater in it over the sink, collecting the cubes in the folds of the fabric as he twisted it into a small package. With that, he returned to the man, placing it against his head and holding it there until the man took it over himself.
“Keep it there. It'll keep it from bruising too much.” He offered as an explanation, still somewhat awkwardly. “And take an icecold shower when you get home. It'll keep the swelling down.” He added with a slight shrug as he stepped back. Glancing around, he noticed his pile of clothes and headed towards them.
Reaching for the pile, he grabbed his pair of faded black boxers, pulling them over his frame, fully aware there were still eyes -resenting eyes- on him. He tried to ignore it as he pulled his distressed dark denim jeans over his slim hips, buttoning it up moments later. His soft band-shirt followed, the faded black still showing remnants of once golden lettering, spelling out the band's name.

The moment Jason stepped away, Liam took his place, fawning over the bruises forming on Matt's skin, asking him if he was okay. "Fuck off," He muttered again, throwing the ice at him. It fell from the towel, scattering around the floor. Matt stumbled to where Jason stood, pulling on the last of his clothes. His hand reached up to brush Jason's lip again, his other resting on the man's hip.
"Are you okay?" He asked him, ignoring the angry words Liam threw at him. He supposed he should get dressed, climb in his car, drive home. He should probably have kept the ice on his eye, too. But he honestly didn't give a shit about himself in that moment. "Did he hurt you? I..." What was there to say? Matt wanted this man to come home with him, but how insane would it be to ask?
Matt's leg began to shake, drawing his eyes down to his calf just in time for him to see his knee give out, bringing him crashing to the floor. Liam ran over immediately, but Matt shoved him away. "Fuck off, Liam!" he snarled. "Just...fuck off." Matt let his back fall to the carpet, closing his eyes as the intensity of his injuries finally hit him.

Moments after Jason had handed the man some ice, the frozen water was scattered around the room. At that, he looked up, once again seeing the man move towards him. Frowning slightly, his eyes followed the man's hand as it reached out, once again brushing over his lips. From there on, his eyes moved down, to where the man placed his hand on his hip. Slowly, he followed the lines of the man's arm up to his face, somewhat caught off guard by the man's strange actions. His reaching out had almost caused Jason to flinch, the gesture so unexpected. For a moment, he didn't speak as that finger rested against his lips, strangely heavy yet feather-light at the same time. He wanted to back away, to put some distance between them, yet he found himself frozen on the spot, unable to move. Something about the man was almost magnetic, a strange sort of intimateness that stole Jason's breath.
“I'm fine.” Stepping back a bit, he brushed the question of, unsure of what the man's concern was. It was strange how much the man seemed to care for his wellbeing, given that the man was a complete stranger. A complete stranger who had just gotten himself beaten up because... Because what? He wasn't sure what the guy's deal was. All he knew was that the guy had to be a nutter. Yet, there was something in those eyes...  He didn't look like a madman. But he sure as hell had to be the oddest man Jason had ever met. Why did he give a damn? And why was he so... Jason didn't even know what word to put to it, how to describe the man's behavior. Tender?
“You're the one who took a beating.” Jason simply reminded the man as he asked him if Bruce had hurt him, shrugging slightly. He wasn't sure what to say. Had Bruce hurt him? The man hadn't lashed out at him. And it wasn't exactly like Jason wasn't used to a bit of rough. He had suffered worse before and a little arse-ache was hardly unusual. Nothing he wouldn't get over soon enough. Nothing he really cared about.
There was little time to think, though, for only moments after the man fell silent, he collapsed, his boyfriend immediately running over. Again, the man told him to fuck off. Jason wasn't sure why the blue-eyed man was so stubborn.  For a moment, he just stood there, not really wanting to get involved in any domestics, yet not wanting to just leave the man there on the floor. Especially not since the other men were all still watching, most not looking all that amused, nor particularly sympathetic to the man's cause. So, after a brief internal debate, he knelt down beside the man.
“You should let him take you home. You need that taken care off.” He spoke softly, letting his hand run over the man's cheek somewhat awkwardly, a gesture that did not come naturally to Jason. The man's eye already started to look like it would swell awfully. “And you really should keep some ice on that.” He muttered.

"I'd rather chew off my own foot." Matt stated blatantly, realizing with the odd looks he was getting that he should probably explain. "Than go home with him, I mean."
His gaze swung to where Liam stood. "You're a fucking whore, and I'm tired of trying to convince myself you’re worth my time. You should ask one of your buddies here if you can crash with them, because you aren't welcome at my place anymore."
"It's my apartment too, you asshole!" Liam shouted, throwing an ice cube at him.
"No, it's my apartment. I pay the rent, you just crash there and cheat on me, like a worthless mooch," Matt snarled. "So, again, fuck off."
"No, fuck you!"
Ignoring Liam, Matt got back on his feet with great effort, however wobbly, and shot Jason another crooked smirk. "I'm fine, I can get my black and blue ass home, no worries." Using the couch as a crutch, he hobbled over to his pile of clothes and fumbled to pull them on without keeling over.

Jason blinked back in surprise when the man shot back that he would rather chew off his foot than let the other help him. It was a rather extreme statement, especially considering the two had apparently arrived at the party together. But, if there was anything that Jason didn't want, it was to get himself mixed up in some domestic issue. No way, no how.
“Right. Suit yourself.” He mumbled as the man started arguing with his partner, Jason pushing himself up, feeling rather awkward. With the moment, it was becoming more and more apparent that he was outstaying his welcome. Having denied the other men his services, they had no interest in keeping him about. In fact, he was pretty sure a few now resented him from ruining their evening, a sentiment that no doubt was extended to the man who had started the fight in the first place. But, he was sure they didn't leave him without blame. After all, Jason really had shot himself in the foot by insisting the fun was over. He had hoped the party would have led to one of the participants inviting him home. It was what often happened. It was what he usually hoped for. For one man to still desire him, still need him after the initial trysts. At least for the rest of the night. He didn't care what happened when the morning came. He didn't care what happened at all. He just didn't like spending the night alone.
He knew with each post-party encounter, he would be banished again in the morning, when the light was bright and the men became ashamed of him. Too many of the men that came to these parties were deeply closeted in their real lives, or struggling accepting their desires. But, what they all had in common was that they all loved to dominate. Sure, once Jason had refused, they could still hook up amongst each other, but Jason knew as well as the others that it wouldn't happen. These men were takers. They wanted to take, to dominate, to be the top. They didn't want to lend their bodies to the pleasure of others. They didn't want to be invaded. They craved the power over others. And Jason gave it to them, all too willingly. He needed them to need him. And he'd had pretty much ruined that, with this group. They probably wouldn't invite him back, though he hoped differently.
Moving towards the corner of the room, he lugged his duffelbag on his shoulder, watching the man stumble towards his own clothes. He had insisted that he was fine to get his own arse home, but Jason wasn't so sure. The way he walked, the way he struggled into his clothes, it didn't make Jason very confident in the man's ability to even get to the car.
He only realized he had been staring when the man came into motion again, this time to leave the house. Only a few steps in, Jason was sure the man's knee was going to buckle. Without given himself even a chance for a second thought, he stepped beside the man, pulling the man's arm over his own shoulder as he ducked under the man's shoulder, to give support.
“What car is yours?” He muttered, intent on assisting the man to his car. At least he'd know the man who'd been kind to him that night, wouldn't be collapsing on the street.
Matt's free arm wrapped around Jason's waist, and he rested his head on his shoulder. The justifications for what he was doing were kind of blurry. All he knew was what he wanted, and the why's and what he should and shouldn't do weren't quite getting past the initial thought processors. He wanted Jason, and that was that.
"My car...is the black one," he muttered. Turning, he nuzzled Jason's neck. "I'm sorry my attempt to rescue you turned to shit..." Why had the guy needed rescuing, again? It wasn't like the guys had been raping him. He was a willing participant. An image of Bruce savagely thrusting into him flashed through Matt's mind, the guy just…accepting it. His grip on Jason tightened. He still had no idea why he gave a shit about what happened to a stranger, but he didn't have enough brain power to even begin to think up a valid reason.
Come home with me… Something kept him from voicing his desire, but Matt couldn’t put a finger on just what it was. Jason was helping him outside, he realized, looking around at the cars. “Truck,” he muttered, shoving a hand into his pocket. “Keys…keys…” he pushed away from Jason to dig in his other pocket, producing the set of keys. “Gottem…” Two steps toward the truck, he fell onto the pavement and let his eyes fall shut. He knew he’d fallen, but his body felt numb, the impact not registering. There was some reason he had to get home…why was that, again? His body felt so heavy…He could just lay there forever, as long as…Rolling onto his back, his eyes found Jason and he smiled up at the man, wanting to reach out and pull him on top of him to kiss him silly.
"Alright, hang on, buddy." Jason muttered as the man explained the black car was his, leaning heavily against Jason, head nuzzling his neck. The man's arm had wrapped itself around Jason's waist, a gesture Jason returned to get a better grip on him. Soon enough, the two had neared the car and the man stepped away to grab his keys.
Somewhat warily, Jason watched as the man muttered and patted himself to find the keys, not entirely trusting the man to stand on his own. After a few seconds, he was shown the keys, the man setting off for the car, still looking none too stable. And indeed, it was only moments later that the man collapsed to the floor, Jason just a moment too late to catch him. He grimaced in sympathy as the man hit the floor.
As he knelt down beside the man, he was given a smile as the man had managed to turn himself onto his back.
"You're in no state to drive." Jason muttered, looking down at the man. Well, he certainly couldn't leave the guy behind now. "Come on. Let's get you in the car," he muttered as he snaked an arm underneath the man's shoulders, the other under his knees. With a slight breath out, he straightened himself, awkwardly lifting the tall man. Though Jason was rather skinny, the meat on his bones was mainly muscle.
With the man awkwardly perched against him, Jason opened the car door, all the while trying to balance the weight against him. Finally, he could sit the man down on the passenger's seat, soon leaning over to strap the man in. "You good, there?" he checked, before closing the car door and circling the car to slip behind the wheel.
"Ok. Whereto?" He asked.
"The apartment. On fifth. It's a shiny building..." The man answered, and Jason gave a curt nod before he started the car, smoothly angling it onto the road.
The drive was quiet. It was late, the city abandoned. Somewhere in the distance, a police car drove in view, causing Jason to tense somewhat. Cautiously driving on, he soon saw it turn a corner, the man letting out a relieved breath.
Finally, they came to a halt outside of the apartment building, where Jason killed the engine. Undoing both his seatbelt and the man's, he exited the car and circled it once more to help him out.
"Ok, where do you live?" he asked, glancing at the floors of apartments. There were a fair few.
"Fourth floor...room 408" the man muttered and so, Jason used the man's keys to let them into the building, calling down the elevator to take them to the fourth floor. Luckily, the apartment was easily found.
"There we go. You're home." Jason grunted as he opened the door, letting them in.
"You should take that cold shower. Clear your head a bit," he muttered, glancing around the apartment to see if he could guess where it was. "Come on. Easy now," he spoke as he helped the man through the apartment, to where he hoped the bathroom would be.
Matt let Jason pull him down the hallway, to the bathroom. A cold shower? Didn't exactly sound fun right now. What did sound fun was... Matt turned into Jason, pinning him against the wall, one arm still around his waist. "I'll get in the shower if you come with me," he murmured into Jason's hair. There was some reason why this was wrong, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Jason felt so good against him, warm and solid, like a balm to the ache running throughout his body.
Matt began kissing him then, not even letting the man give an answer. His free hand twined in Jason's hair, pulling him closer. He needed to loose these clothes, and so did Jason. "Get naked?" he asked. "I never got to finish what we started..."
They had made it about halfway through the hallway when Matt suddenly moved against Jason, planting him against the wall. Words were murmured against his hair, an invitation to join the man in the shower. Moments later, the man's lips were pressed against Jason in an eager kiss. A hand tangled in his hair, pulling him into the kiss. The sudden move caught Jason off guard, almost stealing his breath away. When he finally pulled away, a breathy request followed.
Jason nodded, knowing exactly what the man desired. Keeping his gaze on the man, he allowed his hands to slip down his own torso, finding the hem of his shirt. With one, fluent move, he tugged the shirt of his frame, allowing the cloth to hit the floor.
“Come on.” He muttered softly, his arm snaking around the man's waist once more, guiding the man to the bathroom. As soon as they were through the door, he pulled the man against him, letting his hands browse down his frame. He allowed his lips to nip Matt's neck, trailing downwards as his hands soon pulled the man's shirt up, breaking away only to let the cloth pass between them to be discarded.
Pushing the man into the shower cabin, it wasn't much longer before Jason had the man pressed against the wall, lips once again finding the man's neck, hands darting lower. Fingers found the hem of the man's trousers, tugging at the zipper. With a practiced ease, he unbuttoned it, forcing the tough fabric down the man's hips, pulling the boxers along with them until they pooled around the man's ankles. Not much later, he had the man bared before him, the last of his clothing discarded.
Glancing up, he caught the man's eyes as he slowly lowered himself, lips trailing down the man's torso as his hand found Matt's cock, working the shaft as he slowly descended.
“No,” Matt murmured, reaching out to pull Jason back up by his shoulder. “Right now I just…want to be inside of you, again.” His head was fuzzy, it felt like his brain was a kaleidoscope, everything flashing by and not staying still long enough for him to fully focus on anything. Matt kicked at the clothes pooled around his ankles until his shoes and socks were off and he was able to kick everything away. He fumbled with Jason’s pants, eventually giving up when the guy gently shoved his hands away, making quick work of the rest of his clothes.
Matt pulled Jason against him, pressing their bare chests together while he nibbled Jason’s neck. Reaching into the shower he turned on the water, waiting a moment for it to warm up before he stepped under the spray, pulling Jason in with him. He immediately pushed the man against the wall, face first, so Matt could rub his hard cock against Jason’s plump ass.
Matt spread Jason’s ass apart, positioned himself, and thrust himself inside of Jason with a moan, the water beating down on Matt’s back.
Matt grabbed him by the shoulder, Jason's eyes glancing up once more as the man muttered that it was not what he wanted right now. He wanted to be inside of him. Raising himself, Jason allowed the man to tug at his jeans, though it seemed Matt had issue removing the cloth. Slowly moving the man's hand away, Jason unbuttoned his own jeans, stripping the distressed fabric down his legs, boxers removed in the same movement. His sneakers were kicked off, the last few remnants of his clothes puddled on a messy heap on the floor beside the shower.
Their bodies were pressed together again as the man turned on the spray of the shower, the man's lips finding a sensitive spot on Jason's neck that caused a slight, involuntary shudder to cross the man's spine. A strange, surprising twitch of arousal sparked in his loins at the sensation.
All too willingly, he let the man pull him into the shower, almost finding his place against the wall without guidance. Within moments, the man was behind him, his swollen erection pressing hard against his rear. And, to his surprise, he found himself wanting the man to take him. Not in the way he had let so many have his way. Not in that way of wanting to be needed. Not in the way he let himself be used.  He found himself actually aroused at the man's touch. Found himself slowly being taken over by the fire of lust as the man thrust inside him, taken him and pressing him against that wall as the water beat down upon them.
He could feel himself harden, his erection growing until it pressed against the cool tile of the shower, a strange, cold sensation that did little to quell the fire that was steadily building in his loins. Yet, he did not allow his hands to wander down and touch his wanting cock, keeping himself steadily planted against the wall for the man to have his way.
Matt’s head fell forward, forehead resting on Jason’s shoulder as waves of pleasure ran through his body, making the top of his head tingle as he fought the orgasm building. His hands grasped the other man’s hips, pulling his ass out from the wall to give himself better leverage.
As his thrusts increased, he felt something long and hard swinging back and forth. It took his fuzzy brain a few moments to process, but once he realized he reached one hand down and grasped the man’s erect cock. “Mmm,” he smiled and nuzzled the back of the man’s neck, his other arm wrapping around Jason. “Come for me, Jason,” he commanded, thrusting himself harder and harder as he stroked Jason.
He could feel himself on the edge, his movements becoming erratic, and he hoped Jason was close too. If not, he would stay there, clinging to him and buried deep inside him, until the other man did come. Another few thrusts and Matt let out a passionate cry as he began filling Jason’s ass.
A low, involuntary groan escaped Jason's lips, his eyes closing as he allowed his head to lull back a little, resting back against the man leaning against him. His hands spread against the wall, finding support as a dizzying heat took over his body. The man's hand was firm around his cock, working his throbbing erection with a steady hand.
His breath fell heavy as he fought the surge of pleasure that washed over him upon that touch, shooting through him like a bolt of electricity. He swallowed roughly, feeling the man's lips brush against his neck with each and every thrust.
"Come for me, Jason"
At those words, breathed against his neck, Jason shuddered, allowing the sensation to wash over him as Matt's thrusts grew harder and more erratic, his hand still working along Jason's shaft. He could feel himself teetering on the edge, so close to coming as Matt's cock send waves of pleasure through his body, brushing a spot that send sparks of electricity with every thrust.
His knees nearly buckled as he came, only Matt's strong hold and his own hands, splayed against the wall holding him in place. He allowed his face to rest against the cool tile of the shower, the stone refreshingly cold against his flustered cheek. His breath fell heavy, and it took a moment for the man to gather himself. His eyes opened, looking down to see the shower's water whirl away the creamy white residue he had spilled.
Finally, he had gathered himself enough to straightened himself, a hand reaching for the temperature dial of the shower, turning it down. Before the man beside him could voice too much of a protest, he spoke up. “Take that cold shower. Your body will thank you for it tomorrow.” He muttered, brushing a strand of long, brown hair out of his own face.
“I'll be here when you're done.” He then spoke, shrugging slightly. “I'm not going anywhere.” He then added, soon stepping out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist.
It wasn't long before he stepped out of the bathroom, glancing around the man's apartment. It was obvious the man had been living with someone else. The guy at the gangbang, Jason assumed. Which apparently was over, now. Frankly, Jason didn't particularly care what the man's business was. The man's personal business was his own, Jason wasn't going to get involved in that. Though it wouldn't be the first time the man had gotten himself in the middle of some sort of affair. Most of the men at the gangbang were in relationships of sorts, either with their partner's knowledge or presence. He'd been “shared” between lovers before.
A cold shower. Right. There was some reason why that was a good idea...Because he'd gotten his ass kicked, that was why Jason wanted him to take a cold shower. Because he'd been trying to keep Jason all to himself and the other guys hadn't liked that. His eyes went to the bathroom door, where Jason had disappeared. He had him all to himself now, didn't he?
Matt stepped out of the stall, almost forgetting to turn off the spray. He emerged in the hallway, dripping wet, and found Jason standing in his living room. Matt stepped up behind him, hands wrapping around his waist. "Don't really feel like a cold shower," he murmured, brushing his lips over Jason's neck. “I want you, again.” Which was odd. He didn’t even know this guy, yet he’d gotten his ass kicked for him. “Did you put me under some kind of spell?” Matt asked, not entirely sure if he was kidding or not. “My own incubi.”
Matt’s fingers trailed down the smooth muscles of Jason’s stomach to tangle in the hair dusting his groin, one fingertip brushing over his soft cock. “I bet I could make you come again,” he breathed, nipping at Jason’s neck. His other hand brushed along the curve of Jason’s soft tanned ass, his fingers finding Jason’s wet, inviting asshole. Matt pressed one inside, pushing down softly against Jason’s sweet spot. “Should we find out?”
Jason had stepped further into the apartment, allowing his eyes to scan across the place. It was neither immaculately tidy nor was it a big mess, the place merely showing some signs of living. A coffee table held the basic kind of items. A remote. Some random papers. A pen or two. Nothing of interest.
His eyes fell on a wallet. Now we were talking. He stepped towards it, with intent to rifle through its contents, when he paused in his movements. Could he, really? There was something different about this man. This man hadn't been like the others, using him merely for his own gain. This man had stood up for him, even if the situation technically hadn't required it.
But, he had still wanted to use him. Despite his injuries, the man still desired Jason for his body, just like the others did. Yet, still, he remained entirely different from the others.
Perhaps not tonight. He couldn't really take anything from the man. He had been injured, for christsakes. He'd have to chalk it up as a “lost” evening. Well, not entirely lost. At least he had a place to stay the night. He had to count his blessings.
He was pulled from his pondering when he realized the sound of the shower had abruptly stopped, only a few moments after he had left the man behind. Seemed this man had no intention of taking care of his body in any other way than to satisfy his needs. Well, Jason had tried his best.
Moments later, the man appeared in the den, dripping wet from head to toe as his arms wrapped around Jason, cool and wet against Jason's warm flesh.
I want you, again. The words were muttered, the simple phrase enough to set off a spark of electricity within his loins, the man's hand teasingly grooming through the small smidgen of carefully groomed pubic hair. The way the words were whispered set something unexpected off within Jason. He could feel the first tendrils of arousal curling up within him with the man's careful manipulation of his sweet spot, a sensation so entirely foreign to Jason.
There was an honesty in the man's need, a true desire beyond just a carnal need. He wasn't even sure how he had gotten to that conclusion, yet somehow he knew it to be true. The vocalization of that wanting, that need for him, it stirred something within Jason that he did not know how to describe.
A low groan escaped his lips, eyes momentarily closing at the sensations the man's admonitions sent through him. “Y-yes...” He breathed, allowing his body to curve back against the man's shape, feeling the rigid contours of the man's flesh against his own. 
It wasn't all that much later the man drew him into the bedroom, Jason needing little encouragement to get down to his hands and knees.
Matt continued to play with Jason, every pleasurable shudder of the man’s body sending electricity through Matt’s growing cock. That one simple, breathy word coupled with Jason pressing his body against Matt’s was almost enough to make him come again. But it was too soon for that. Keeping his finger buried deep inside of him, Matt turned him around and found his lips, his free hand tangling in Jason’s hair as he deepened their kiss, drawing Jason down the hall and into his bedroom. The walking had caused his finger to slip out of Jason’s inviting little hole, so he instead gripped the soft, yielding flesh of his plump ass as they reached his room. The kiss broke long enough for Matt to close the door, not entirely sure in his state of mind why he was locking it, but then he didn’t think on it enough to care.
Jason had dropped to his knees before him, apparently still intent on sucking his cock. The image of his tongue ring flashed in Matt’s mind and he again wondered what it would feel like to have that little ball running along his shaft. He was happy to oblige Jason’s desires, but he didn’t want him kneeling on the hard floor. Kneeling down before Jason could pull him into his mouth; Matt smiled and traced a finger over his plump lower lip, his eyes falling to the little silver ball visible between his parted lips.
“Come up to the bed with me,” he whispered, moving both hands to wrap around Jason’s waist. The guy was tall and muscular, but he was lean, which allowed Matt to hoist him up without too much effort and position them on the bed, Matt on his back with Jason hovering over him, face nuzzled in Matt’s groin. His ass was in perfect view, spread out before Matt like an open buffet.
A trickle of cum was making its way from his puckered hole, down the soft skin of his ball sack. Matt’s tongue shot out and he lapped it up in one swift stroke, tasting his salty seed as Jason took the head of his cock into his mouth, that little ball playing over the bottom of his hood. He couldn’t help the moan that escaped him at the pleasure of it. His fingers dug into Jason’s round checks as he buried his face in the soft skin between his balls and asshole, licking, nibbling, kissing.
Jason all too willingly turned as the man urged him to do so, feeling his own cock twitch in want as Matt continued to massage that sweet spot that sent starbursts into his vision. Lips were pressed to his, hands tangling within his long hair as the man deepened the kiss. Jason could feel himself melting in the man's touch, feet stepping, stumbling as Matt pulled him towards the bedroom.
They broke as the man turned to close the room, the soft click of the lock falling in place hardly registering to Jason as he sunk down on the floor, ready to give the man what he desired. Usually, that sound would've alarmed him, knowing that the only exit to the room would be locked, as it usually spelled trouble. This time, however, it barely even crossed his mind what kind of implications a locked door could have.
Matt stepped to him, Jason's eyes falling on his engorged member, already standing proudly. Subconsciously, his lips parted slightly, pierced tongue running across his bottom lip to moisten it. But, it seemed the man had different plans, kneeling down before him to run a finger across Jason's lips. Upon his request, Jason breathlessly, obediently nodded, allowing the man to lift him onto the bed and ply his body in the position he desired.
Kneeling over the man on hands and feet, Jason took Will's cock in hand, the tip of his tongue teasingly darting along the tip. Soon, his lips enveloped the shaft, sinking down to the base. A slight, surprised gasp escaped his lips as he suddenly felt Will's tongue lap across his perineum, followed by more more licks, kisses, nibbles as the man continued to play with Jason's ass. An involuntarily groan escaped Jason's lips, the man losing rhythm for a moment as a shudder crossed his spine.
His tongue played around the man's shaft, Jason letting the small, silver ball of his piercing run along his length, back to the tip, circling it with his tongue. His tongue continued to play small, little flicks across the head, before lips enveloped it once more to take the man deep into his mouth, as deep as he could take it. He could feel Matt's cock sliding over his tongue, entering his throat. Slowly, he moved his head up and down, a hand toying with the man's balls.
That gasp around his dick, the cool air drawn in over his wet cockhead, it made his toes tingle. When Jason shuddered, pleasure momentarily clouding his brain, Matt was certain he had never had such an amazing feeling come over him. Matt wanted to do it again, make him moan until he exploded. He could think of nothing but Jason, that hard little ball piercing running along his shaft and over his hood as Jason teased him.
When Jason slid Matt deep into his throat with little effort, that little ball working, it was his turn to shiver in pleasure. A warm hand cupped his balls and the head of his thick cock slid deep into Jason’s throat once more. Matt’s hips lifted off the bed as he pumped them in rhythm with Jason’s thrusts.
His damp lips moved down, finding Jason’s balls. Matt found first one testicle, then the other, pulling them into his mouth. He buried his faint beard into Matt’s dark pubic hair, tongue swirling around his balls. He couldn’t pull his gaze from Jason’s slick hole as he licked him, mesmerized by Jason’s lower muscles as they worked while his mouth slid around Matt’s cock. One of his long fingers slid deep into him before he’d even had the thought. Wet, slippery, ready for his thick length again. Matt pulled his finger out, admiring the slick coating of his own come. He released Jason’s balls and sucked their mixture off his finger.
A small voice in his head noted that he’d never done that stuff before, licking his own juices from his lover’s asshole. He’d never really wanted to before, with Liam. But Jason was different. Every inch of him was delicious, and Matt wanted to lick his entire body. His hands spread Jason as wide as he would go and he buried his face between those plump cheeks. He tongued Jason, wanting more.
After a few minutes of his oral exploration, the attention on his dick grew near too much to bear and he shuddered, fighting the first waves of orgasm. His head fell back onto the bed as he let out a moan. “Baby, if you want me to fuck you again you’ve got to stop…I’m on the verge of exploding.”
The man came to life underneath him, hips bucking in eager thrusts as Jason's lips enveloped his cock, sliding in and out of  his throat in their shared rhythm. Another breath was sucked in as Matt's lips suddenly dipped down, pulling the soft skin of Jason's balls into his mouth. He could feel the man's tongue dart against the sensitive flesh, sucking, licking, kissing, flicking, sending a shudder through Jason's spine at that alien sensation.
A finger probed, delved itself within him, sliding deep through his slickened hole. Again, it found that spot within him that made his cock twitch in excitement. Blood rushed through him. He'd never gotten that hard before. Had never derived such pleasure from the act as what he experienced now at the hands of this stranger.
The finger withdrew, hands pulling his cheeks open as something strong and wet flicked against his opening, pushed itself inside. Flicked and teased his sore hole with a gentle yet strong persistence. Another slight sound escaped from Jason's lips, brushed past the man's cock as he tried to keep his rhythm stable, something he found increasingly harder to do as the man relentlessly worked his tongue.
The man pulled back, his breath heavy as he spoke, warning that he was coming close. At that, Jason smirked slightly around the man's cock, his tongue giving the head a teasing flick, before slowly sliding the man's cock deeper down his throat, a low hum rumbling down this throat, relentless as his head bobbed up and down, working the man's shaft.
There was no thought, as Jason went after his cock with renewed vigor. There was only action. Matt’s hips bucked as his first stream of cum shot down Jason’s throat. His head pressed back into the mattress, eyes falling closed as fingers thrust inside of Jason’s warm little hole. With every pump of his hot seed he thrust his fingers inside of Jason, trying to find his sweet spot but missing with the lack of coordination that came with orgasm.
He laid there, one arm wrapped around Jason’s hips. His fingers remained deep inside him as he recovered. Jason started to roll away and Matt let him, looking over to watch Jason’s erect cock fall against his stomach as he rolled onto his back, out of breath. “Holy shit, you’re good at that,” Matt laughed. His hands found Jason’s thigh and he was sitting up before really thinking about it, face falling to place a kiss to the head of Jason’s cock as he climbed up his body. Matt settled himself on his side, pressed close. One hand massaged Jason’s balls while the other brushed through his hair.
“Hey, baby.” Matt smiled down at him, taking in his swollen lips and the halo made by his dark hair where it fanned out around him. Leaning down, he began kissing him like he were a drowning man and Jason his oxygen tank, hand moving up to grasp Jason’s shaft. His pinkie found Jason’s wet asshole and he found a rhythm, teasingly thrusting his pinkie inside of him on every down stroke of Jason’s cock.
With one last thrust, Matt bucked beneath him as Jason brought the man to a climax. Hot, sticky saltiness oozed from the man's cock in spurts, shooting down his throat. Pulling back slightly, Jason took the man in his hand once more, tongue lapping away the residue with slow, circling movements.
Drawing himself back, Jason allowed himself to fall back on the bed, chest rising and falling in a few heavy breaths as he attempted to calm his racing heartbeat. A slight, perhaps somewhat wry smirk briefly twitched upon his lips as Matt breathed admiration for his skill.
Beside him, Matt turned towards him, lips pressed against his tip for a brief second in a short kiss. For a moment, Jason didn't move as the man came to lie on his side against him, a hand cupping his balls. It seemed that even two orgasms later, the man remained insatiable. Once again, the man mashed his lips against Jason in a hungry, demanding kiss, his hand closing around Jason's cock, starting to move it in tight, long strokes. A low moan escaped Jason's lips as the man continued to work his shaft, the sound silenced within their kiss. His hands gripped into the sheets, breath falling erratically.
“Ah...” Another moan escaped his lips, a strangled cry as he could feel his release nearing. He was teetering, hovering on the edge, threatening to tip with each stroke. “Aaahh.” A cry against Matt's lips as his world once again exploded in a shower of sparks.
His head falling back against the pillow once more, his eyes closed as he drew in ragged, heavy breaths. Warm, white wetness coated his lower abdomen, clung to the short, trimmed trail of hairs down his loins and dripped from Matt's hand. His own hand racked through his hair, pushed back a damp lock of his own hair as he caught his breath, becoming more and more aware of the stickiness upon his abdomen. He really needed a shower. He needed to clean.
Sitting up slightly, he cupped a hand around the head of his own penis, in a bid to keep the last pearls of semen from falling to the floor.
“I'll just...clean up...” he muttered somewhat awkwardly, feeling oddly... embarrassed? He rose from the bed, heading to the bathroom to take a shower, to clean himself thoroughly. Moments later, he became aware of footsteps falling behind him, Matt joining him as he stepped into the shower.
Jason orgasming was a deliciously sinful occurrence. He would moan against Matt’s lips and he man could feel his depleted cock swelling where it lay pressed against Jason’s hip. He was rocking against him by the time Jason cried out with the first wave of his orgasm, the almost surprised sound causing Matt to momentarily falter as hot cream spilled over his fist. The guy was just too fucking sexy to be real. Matt had never felt like this before, like his entire body was a live wire and the only thing that would keep him grounded was Jason.
When the other man cupped himself and mumbled something about the shower, Matt was right behind him, head tilted to the side as he admired the plump curves of Jason’s ass. Tomorrow, he told himself. Tomorrow, he would slide his cock deep between those firm mounds. His semi-erect cock gave an excited jump.
Matt lapped at the cream along his fingers as he watched Jason turn on the shower and step under the spray. Matt’s other hands went to Jason’s hip as the other man reached for the soap. Matt sucked a bit more of Jason’s salty-sweet cum off his fingers before taking hold of the bar, arms around Jason as he worked the soap to a thick lather between his fingers.
Eyes closed, their cheeks resting against one another’s, Matt soaped up every inch of Jason he could reach, taking special care with the man’s soft cock and silken balls, rolling them around in his soapy fingers. “You like crêpes?” He murmured as his hands slid up Jason’s sides. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but he felt like he should wake up early and make the guy a fucking feast. “In the morning, I’m thinking bacon crepes, with warm maple syrup, and maybe some eggs. How do you like your eggs?”
The man joined him in the shower only moments after Jason had stepped under the warm, calming beams of the shower. The water poured down his lean body, easing his weary muscles. Exhaustion was starting to set in, a familiar detachment of the mind once again taking over. Everything seemed to register about a second later than it happened.
A hand took the bar of soap from him, lathering it up before roaming across his body once more, a body pressing against him from behind, chin resting upon his shoulder. Each and every breath of the man felt like a cold breeze where the warm air would brush over wet skin, emerging Jason's skin into a sea of goosebumps. Lower and lower those hands moved, before they once again cupped him,  slicked hands smoothing over his penis, toying with his balls. Even through his weariness, he could still feel electricity run through him at that touch, though his tired body only twitched slightly in response.
The man's question came as a surprise, confusing Jason for a moment. Was there a hidden meaning behind the question? Some double entendre? He wasn't sure, nor could he really think. "...soft..." He uttered eventually, almost certain the answer was wrong, even if it was honest. If it was truly about eggs.
Eventually, they made it out of the shower, back to the bed. Again, the man reached for him as they hit the sheets, though this time, it was to wrap his arms around Jason, cuddling up to the man. It hadn't taken all too long for either to fall asleep, exhaustion finally taking over.
Matt’s soapy hands moved to Jason’s ass and he stepped back to give himself better access, spreading the man’s cheeks to again finger him, though this time it was to help clean out some of the cum he’d shot deep inside of him rather than ready him for more. Once he was done, Matt took his own cock and rubbed it between Jason’s soapy cheeks to clean himself, the head of his cock brushing against Jason’s hole, teasing. Pulling Jason under the spray, he rinsed them both off and toweled himself dry.
Matt was practically asleep already as he snuggled into the bed, reaching for Jason as his eyes fell closed. Spooned comfortably against his warm body, Matt’s face buried in Jason’s soft hair, he fell asleep.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jason Roarke

Jason is the other main Character in the RP (which is thus far referred to as "JaM" or "Jase and Matty" or "Our Boys"). Jase is six-foot, has hazel eyes and long brown hair. He has a prince albert piercing through his penis, a barbell through his tongue, and a small ring in either nipple. All silver. Here's some really awesome pictures of him. Enjoy. :D (Matt can be found under the Characters Page)